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Model S Series.

Talent S  Highlight Features

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Auto Deodorizer

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Mobile air dryer



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Using the national patent soft oxygen kinetic energy technology,

using the Wen's principle, naturally inhaling during the cleaning process, allowing air and water(3:7)to combine, incorporating countless water bubbles into the water column, giving theliving water more oxygen, soft water More delicate, super soft bubbles, truly enjoy the smart toilet wash SPA tour

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Fresh Water, instant heating, constant water temp
National patented 6th generation Tankless 3D stereo fresh water instant heating system
water electricity separationEsafe and less hidden dangers

Always warm water cleasing, no need to wait, water temperature control accurately
Always fresh water and constant temperature, tankless design, no bacterial breeding
Always clean and power saving, water and electric separated, security


Give more protection to health
With medical grade UvclED sterilization function, #316 stainless steel integrated cleaning nozzle. Before and after rinsing, the annular water stream will thoroughly clean the nozzle after leaving the seat, the ultraviolet light will effectively kill the bacteria on the nozzle

UV sterillzation.jpg
Nozzle clean.jpg

350W high-power drying system, ergonomically designed for wind pressure. strong power and strong wind drying effect quick and dry


fully-automatic inducting system
fully-automatic inducting auto open toilets (radar wave induction),
thoroughly free your hands
The new generation of full auto open tech, recognizing your body precisely
Auto open/close seat cover, releasing your hands
Using international leading tech of worm and dual damp, open and close
smooth and stable

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