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Your finger is the key 
just one touch with your finger to open the door with Fast and Accurate finger print sensor. 
<0.5s Quickly Unlock
<0.001% Fingerprint false recognition rate
Support 500 sets of fingerprint entry


Anti-peeping Password Unlock
Support 500 password pattern entry
No matter how you enter the garbled code,as long as you have the correct
password in succession,you can unlock the door to prevent criminals from peeping.

 Smart RFID Card
One touch, convenient and fast
Support 10 or more card records

Unlock with Smart phone from anywhere

Your smart phone is the door key. Simply and securely unlock the with your smartphone from anywhere.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

                  Be alerted on the door lock status and remote command anytime and anywhere.

 Smart Bell

Receive alerts when visitor touches the smart bell icon (the door bell icon)
on the touch pad. Your phone acts as your doorbell.

Voice Guide
Spoken feedback to guide users for setup and ongiong use.

C-plus Cylinder
High strength alloy / Super C level anti-theft lock core protection is more effective

HD wide-angle night vision monitor camera

120°wide-angle camera,no dead spots for capturing,built-in high-power infrared night vision light,
it automatically switch modes between day and night.

Visitor snapshot 

The device will automatically capture the photos and send them to your smartphone. At the same time, the photos or videos will be automatically stored on the storage card (the storage card needs to be purchased by yourself)

Mechanical overriding key 
Ensure that the door is opened normally when all electronic systems cannot work

4000 mAh super lithium battery, long battery life, recyclable use, outstanding performance.

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