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Bubble Massage

Release bubbles through the unique circular hole,a large number of bubbles wrap the whole body,
release pressure,and wake up the vitality of the skin.

Panel Control Is Easy To Operate

No need to repeatedly adjust the water temperature,

AXENT A.S.T technology allows you to enter the bath mode with one button.

Gently press on the mobile phone or the bathtub panel,

the bathtub will automatically close the water dispenser for you,turn on the water filling,andaccurately adjust the temperature by 0.5 degrees,and automatically end the water intake when the water level is reached.


Through the unique water inlet method at the bottom of the hot spring,it is different from the traditional faucet water inlet,and realizes the design of an integrated bathtub without a bathtub faucet.
During the bathing process,the water temperature is reduced by two degrees,the bathtub starts to drain the cold water,and the warm water is injected to achieve the function of maintaining the water temperature.


Hot Spring Water,Warm Bath


Multi color led light

Enjoy Bath Time

Relax and Stress Relief

Bottom filling and draining


Hidden Shower Head
Hide the embedded shower head,

just press it lightly,the shower head pops up.

cellphone remote.jpg

A bathroom experience at your fingertips

No need to repeatedly adjust the water temperature, you can easily turn on the bath mode with one button.
Through the mobile phone APP, with a single touch, the bathtub can automatically start the water filling, and the water filling will automatically end when the water level is reached.

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